7 aprile 2017
Manufacturing development in Sub Saharan Africa

Available, in attachment, the presentation held by Prof. Fabio Marazzi, Senior Managing Partner of Marazzi & Associati and by Andrea Noris, Senior Associate of Marazzi & Associati, during the conference New markets: Africa and Asean organized by Ucimu Sistemi per Produrre (Italian machine tools, robot and automation systems producers).

The presentation is in Italian for translations in English and more information:


20 marzo 2017
Prof. Marazzi at MIBE: Brexit, business implications of the UK leaving the EU

On March the 16th Professor Marazzi held a presentation in the context of the Master Degree in management - MIBE, at the prestigious University of Pavia whose title was: " Brexit: The legal and business implications of the UK leaving the EU". The topics of the lecture were related to the legal aspects of the exiting process, the legal impacts of Brexit on Intellectual Property Rights protection, business trends after Brexit and the possible evolution of the trade relations between the UK and EU.


6 marzo 2017
Prof. Marazzi at MIBE

On March the 2nd Professor Marazzi held a presentation in the context of the Master degree in management - MIBE, at the prestigious University of Pavia whose title was: " Questions Facing the Us: Cultural Economic and Legal Challenges". The topics of the lecture were related to the geopolitical consequences of President Trump election and the possible consequences on Us on trade policy, the second part of the lecture was dedicated to the analysis of intellectual property protection in the Us, analyzing also the main differences between Us and Eu legislation on Ip protection.


24 novembre 2016
Colombia: New Eldorado?

After the great interest shown by the presentation held yesterday in Assolombarda regaring Colombia, we want to share with our customers some macro analitic slides used on top of intervention.


15 novembre 2016
A new partner of Marazzi&Advisors

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Marazzi&Advisors has a new partner on their team; welcome to Mr. Pierluigi Testa.

Mr. Testa was born in Rome and has gained recognized experience as an economist as well as an expert in marketing, institutional and international relations.

Founder and President of an influential policy institute in Rome – the Think Tank "Trinità dei Monti" – through which he has been cooperating for years with national and international political and economic institutions as well as diplomatic and academic ones on issues relating to local and global scenarios.

Vice President of the Alumni Association of Graduates in Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome, where he takes care of the relationship with entrepreneurs and top manager.

Since 2013 he is a member of the Pontignano Anglo-Italian Forum, which brings together 100 UK and Italian personalities including politicians, entrepreneurs and businessmen, journalists and opinion makers to discuss key issues relating to the two countries.

He created and managed a course in ‘Economic Journalism and Business Communication’ at the Sapienza University of Rome, and held lectures and seminars in public and private universities in Italy and abroad. Author of several articles and publications, including the recent study on ‘The future of Italy in the next twenty years’, published by the Think Tank "Trinità dei Monti".

His interests outside work include high mountains and triathlon: he has attended triathlon competitions for ten years.


18 ottobre 2016
Legal and Tax aspects of e-commerce at Smau Milan 2016


Next 25th October the lawyer Nicola Gibellini, partner of Marazzi&Advisors, founder of the networking I-B&L (International Business & Law), and Mr Beniamino Lo Presti, Studio Varè Lo Presti, member of I-B&L, will again be called upon to take part, as speakers, at the workshop entitled "E-commerce: legal and tax aspects", scheduled for next Tuesday 25 at 12:30, in Milan during SMAU 2016 (

The electronic commerce subject will be addressed by a double angle: from a legal point of view we will examine the main contractual aspects and also the internationalist profile online purchase while, on the fiscal side, will address the multiple implications, with particular attention to the different disposal types.

Participants will be provided a legal tax synthetic but complete and such as to understand the complexity and above all the opportunities of the world of e-commerce and its rules.

For much more details, you can get further information by visiting the link


8 agosto 2016
Marazzi&Advisors Export Business Manager

It’s with pleasure that we inform you that Marazzi&Advisors has been accredited in the Export Business Manager list (EBM) for supporting of export promotion projects of enterprises based in Lombardy, with decree no. 7763 of 08.04.2016 issued by the Directorate General for Economic Development Lombardy Region.

Marazzi&Advisors is recognized as a provider of four types of services:

• Partner Research

• Feasibility Studies

• Arrangement of B2B meetings

• Consulting on foreign certifications and customs matters consulting

• consulting of international business law.

The company has therefore been further recognized by the Region, and the list of Export Business manager has been published on the official website, which promote an initiative to consolidate and develop the companies’ business of the companies in target markets with the dual objective of:

• Ensure businesses a structured mentoring by qualified persons in export promotion programs;

• Start a path of development of a network of people with skills and competences that can support businesses and networks in the entire export promotion process;


26 luglio 2016
Oil&Gas: new opportunity

Now available the new research from Marazzi&Advisors on "Oil & Gas: New Perspectives, intellectual property protection and business opportunities".

In attached a short version, with index and one case study, in order to take full version please contact


20 maggio 2016
Wales and Scotland: new frontiers

Marazzi & Advisors hosted a delegation from the Welsh Governent "Llywodraeth Cymru”  and a Scottish delegation representing “Scottish Development International” to evaluate each other's country opportunities.

Issues were discussed in new business and investment opportunities for both nations of which we summarize some key points of market attractiveness.


• Average cost of wages amounting to 64 % of London’s average;

• Lower cost of living of all UK

• Approximately 129.130 students divided on 8 university centers of whom 43,000 graduates a year

• Opportunity to obtain government support for foreign investment


• High market growth, especially in the last two years

• rapidly developing sectors:

• Free recruitment and training

• Massive State investment for startups, culture and digitization

Marazzi&Advisors team is available for further information on specific topics and areas of responsibility.


4 maggio 2016
Saudi Vision 2030

We asked Mr. Marcello Marani, Marazzi&Advisors partner, specialized in the Arabic world, a comment on "Vision 2030"

Saudi Arabia's cabinet has approved "Saudi Vision 2030," a comprehensive plan to significantly reduce the Kingdom's dependence on oil over the next 15 years.

"Saudi Vision 2030" was described by Bloomberg as the "biggest economic shakeup since the founding of Saudi Arabia in 1932." The drastic move comes as plunging oil prices have prompted the Saudi government to re-calibrate its strategy after its budget deficit comprised almost 15% of its economic output in 2015. Oil accounted for 72% of Saudi's total revenue in 2015, according to the IMF.

Saudi Arabia's deputy crown prince Muhammad bin Salman

This objective will be achieved by focusing on privatizations, additional cuts in government subsidies, the sale of part of Saudi Aramco, and the creation of a $2 trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund, according to the official SPA news agency. The plan includes regulatory, policy and budget changes that will be enacted over the next 15 years to decrease the Kingdom's dependence on oil.

Planned Sale Of -5% Of Saudi Aramco.

The Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA), led by Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, spearheaded the development of "Vision 2030." King Salman, commenting on the cabinet's passage of the initiative, said, "We hope citizens will work together to achieve Saudi Vision 2030." In an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel, the deputy crown prince reiterated the kingdom's plan to sell less than 5% of Saudi Aramco in an initial public offering (IPO). Reuters reported him as saying in the television interview that he expects Aramco to be valued at more than $2 trillion. He added that he wanted it to be transformed into a holding company with a board that is elected. He then said that subsidiaries of Aramco would also be sold via the IPO. "The 5 percent is from the parent company," Reuters reported him as saying in the interview.

"The vision is a road map of our development and economic goals. A part of that is related to Aramco and this is a very small aspect," Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in the interview.

Details Unveiled In Coming Weeks

The economic details of "Vision 2030" are expected to be released over the next 4 to 6 weeks, reports. These details include regulatory changes, a series of state budget reforms and policy plans for the next 5 years, called the "National Transformation Plan."

Bloomberg, citing political analysts, observed that the crown prince's efforts could foster resentment among a population "accustomed to government largess and power circles stunned by the rapid rise of the 30 year-old prince..."

King Salman: A Reformist Monarch

In a televised speech in mid-December, King Salman decreed economic reforms aimed at diversifying sources of revenue and decreasing high dependence on oil amid the steep decline in crude prices.

Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz

And in late December, the monarch released Saudi's 2016 budget, which includes plans to reduce a record state budget deficit through spending cuts and efforts to raise revenue from non-oil sources.

The Saudi government ran a record deficit of 367 riyals ($97.9 billion) in 2015. Its 2016 budget seeks to reduce that to 326 billion riyals. This year's budget forecasts spending of 840 billion riyals. That's down from 975 billion in 2015. The original budget plan for 2015 forecasted spending of 860 billion riyals.

Revenues for 2016 are forecast at 514 billion riyals, down from revenues of 608 billion riyals in 2015. Last year's original budget plan projected 715 billion riyals of revenues. Oil revenues are expected to reach 444.5 billion riyals, representing 73% of the total revenue. That is 23% less than oil revenue during 2014. Non-oil revenue increased from 126.8 billion riyals in 2014 by 36.7 billion to 163.5 billion riyals- an increase of 29% compared to last year.

Laywer Marcello Marani: “The goal of decreasing dependence on fossil fuels as sources for the production of energy, of which humanity has even greater need, part of the general topic of environmental sustainability. Other Middle Eastern countries are in fact preparing policies and initiatives to strengthen the commitment to the environment and sustainable development, as a response to the natural eco-system changes that have occurred at national and global level. Among them the United Arab Emirates, which have put the environmental issue as a major concern, considering it as the key element in achieving sustainable development, and to this end, in February 2016 was established the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MoEW).

As early as August 2009, the Supreme Council of Energy in Dubai had been established (DSCE), whose mission is to ensure that the economic growth of the emirate has everything it needs to the future, providing energy at a reasonable cost and reducing the negative environmental impact. The Authority will need to develop new energy funds in such a way that the emirate itself is less dependent on its own oil resources. Relating to the "Sustainability", there are many scientific research that the United Arab Emirates are putting in place, with substantial funding, including the study of a fuel made from algae that grow in abundance in the desert to be used for propulsion of the aircraft, the creation of micro-cells and extremely high yield to be inserted in installations of photovoltaic panels.

In this regard, the invitation that the claim of Dubai EXPO 2020 addressed to humanity is to unite all those who can make contributions to the study of new sources and methods of producing clean energy, and is more than implied that the interest of attraction to the Emirates is targeted not only to the "minds" but also the "capital" that serve to finance them to devise and organize an environmentally sustainable development that takes into account the natural changes in the ecosystem. "

About Marcello Marani: He was born in Bologna in 1961 and there graduated from the University, company lawyer, mediator with professional certification from 2010, a practicing lawyer since 1992, paying its business consulting and assistance mainly in favor of companies (including multinationals ) and in particular in the areas of commercial law, corporate law and intellectual property law, both in contracting (national and international) and in that litigation. And 'member of the Licensing Executive Society (LES Italy).


5 aprile 2016
Prof. Marazzi at MIBE

We are pleased to publish the lecture held today by Professor Marazzi in the context of the Master degree in management - MIBE, at the prestigious University

of Pavia entitled: "Business Law and Cultural Management. The legal environment of international business managing cultural differences."

The topic of the lecture focuses on the legal framework applicable to international business transactions and on managing cultural differences in a global context, through an analysis of real case studies.


24 marzo 2016
Fabio Marazzi writes an article on Pharma and Chimicals technical magazine

We are pleased to share with you in attachment, the article "Evolution never stops in the pharma industry" wrote by Fabio Marazzi and published on the scientific journal Pharma and Chimicals,released during the DCTA (Drug, Chemical and Associated Technologies Association) meeting, one of the high level of the sector, in which the Pharma and chemical world meet to share and implement projects and new technologies.

The pharmaceutical industry is still undergoing significant changes with a strong trend toward personalized medicine, new types of therapies, new types of products and production processes. 

On these topics Marazzi & Advisors was asked to give his opinion with a strong experience in serving the pharmaceutical industry by providing insights, in a multidisciplinary contribution between legal, scientific, and new business and services for pharmaceutical operators.


24 marzo 2016
Azerbaijan, business opportunities and incentive schemes for foreign investments

We are pleased to share with you an outline about Azerbaijan. The document describes business opportunities in the country and measures to support foreign investment in priority sectors. In fact, the country which had a strong development starting from the 2000, presents several business opportunities for foreign investor. Government streamlined the regulation, thus creating a business friendly environment and new incentive schemes have been approved, in order to promote new foreign investments.


21 marzo 2016
Prof. Marazzi and Dr.Mina will be speakers at the Azerbaijan round table "Investment opportunities in the country"

We are pleasant to inform you that Prof. Fabio Marazzi, Marazzi & Advisors senior managing partner, and Dr. Alberto Mina, Marazzi & Advisors institutional relations and business development, will be speakers tomorrow, March 22, at the Azerbaijan round table "Investment opportunities in the country" organized by Confindustria, Assolombarda Milan Monza and Brianza.

Focus is to present the opportunities that the country has to offer in the agro-alimentar sector.
Azerbaijan infact, is going through a period of transformation of the national economy with the fundamental objective of reducing dependence of the Azerbaijani economy from foreign. Special attention is turned to the agribusiness sector, which has competitive advantages, in particular:
- packaging;
- innovative agricultural production;
- chemicals for agriculture;
- milk network.

The agri-food sector represents a great investment opportunity that will be shown during an interactive Round Table with an overview on the country and a focus on the opportunities and best strategies to approach the Azerbaijani market in the specific sector. 

To participate you need to register (Alessandra


10 marzo 2016
E-Commerce: clarity and its regulations

(Abstract of workshop during Smau Padova 2016, 10th-11th March)

Abstract of the interview to Nicolò Ghibellini, partner Marazzi & Advisors member of IBL, and Dr. Beniamino Lo Presti, Studio Varé Lo Presti member of IBL, respectively experts on legal and tax issues relating to e-commerce, speakers at SMAU 2016 in Padova.

Nicolò Ghibellini: "The market is increasingly competitive and constantly changing and modernizing, thus calling for a correct approach when entering the web. The need for direct and clear support on legal requirements to fully tap into the world of e-commerce is therefore growing. 

Most of the companies today understand that the online dimension has permeated the daily life and that opportunities are not limited to commercial platforms but that the web can also be used as a tool to deliver services with ease, rapidity, speed and intuitiveness. 

My work" continues Ghibellini "is therefore to thoroughly investigate the matter and define the scope and rules to follow to make an e-commerce website in accordance with law, protecting the companies and at the same time respecting the rights of users / consumers that were close to the web requiring absolute security, speed 'and simplicity. 

Our duty as specialists in the field is therefore to specify the rules for the creation of the website, with particular attention to the protection of corporate know-how and security in data management (for the protection and respect for privacy), as well as reliability in 'service delivery (order management, delivery, ...). Marketing and legal fairness go hand in hand in the web world and digitalization. " 

Dr. Beniamino Lo Presti remarks that: "tax rules are relevant in the regulatory environment of e-commerce, with regard to, in addition to domestic discipline, Article 5 of the OECD Convention. And 'significant meaning the necessary attention to the allegations made during the investigation, given the potential configuration of a permanent establishment, and the resulting and consequent fulfillment. 

Tax authorities and law enforcement tend to increasingly recognize e-commerce as an elusive phenomena (a judgement often ungrounded and un-motivated), inhibiting and sometimes severely punishing an activity which by its very nature is characterized by a significant business potential.

The purpose of the initiative is to discuss, in addition to the undisputed e-commerce business opportunities, possible solutions aimed at overcoming the potential pitfalls generated by tax assessments, often caused by a regulatory framework which is not immediately and easily applicable, in this way avoiding potential obstacles to the development of a valuable and productive tool for companies, which are increasingly waving towards the adoption of effective and innovative methods for the acquisition of new markets.