• 9 ottobre 2018

    Marazzi & Associati at Smau Milano 2018

    Marazzi & Associati is pleased to inform that its senior partners Silvano Mazzantini and Nicolò Ghibellini will host presentations during Smau 2018 Milan.

    Silvano Mazzantini will host a presentation, titled “Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation: The role of Public Private Partnerships” on October the 25th 2018. The presentation will have as main focus  Implementation tools and policies for managing innovation in the field of cybersecurity, AI and innovation in general. The role of public policies for the development of innovation. Silvano Mazzantini will share information also on cybersecurity and AI as development tools: PPPs, Innovation Partnerships and Pre-commercial Procurement.

    More information at the following link:


    Nicolò Ghibellini, will host a presentation, titled” Artificial intelligence and robotic law” on October the 25th during the workshop Industry 4.0.  After a synthetic regulatory framework description (having as its object the Resolution of the European Parliament of 16.02.2017), Nicolò Ghibellini will address some of the main practical / operational issues, such as, the possibility of giving robots their own legal status and the consequent problem of liability for damages caused by their use. These are just some of the issues that will be discussed in order to provide companies with legal and regulatory references for a correct approach to the topic.

    More information at the following link

    Smau is the most important Italian event dedicated to Information & Communication Technology and Innovation solutions designed to help main national and international suppliers to meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel operators. For over 50 years Smau supports Italian companies in the acquisition of technology and innovation.

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