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  • 19 march 2018

    Marazzi & Associati at Smau Padova

    On March 23rd, Nicolò Ghibellini and Silvano Mazzantini, senior partners of Marazzi & Associati, will participate as speaker at  Smau Padova with a workshop titled  "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Law". Smau is the main Italian event dedicated to information and communication technologies.

    The seminar will address the issue of the use of artificial intelligence, and therefore of robots, in order to identify the juridically relevant aspects and the consequent implications. In fact, after a description of the regulatory framework (Resolution of the European Parliament of 16.02.2017), the speakers will address some the main practical / operational issues (legal status of the robots and the regime of responsibility related to their use, privacy and protection of personal data, profiles of protection of industrial and intellectual property).

    A part of the analysis will be related to the identification of those procedures that the legislator has prepared in favor of the public actor for the realization of interventions aimed at supporting innovation and that constitute opportunities in various sectors that involve it, such as smart cities, for example.

    To attend event, please visit the following link

  • 4 april 2017

    Prof. Marazzi speaker at the conference New Markets: Africa and Asean

    We are pleased to announce that Prof. Fabio Marazzi Senior Managing Partner of Marazzi & Associati and Andrea Noris, Senior Associate of Marazzi & Associati will take part as speaker at the conference New Markets: Africa, Asean organized by Ucimu Sistemi per Produrre (Italian Association of Machine Tool manufacturer). Other speakers will be former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Imf Senior Economist Samuele Rosa.

    Fabio Marazzi will hold a presentation titled: Manufacturing and Development in Sub Sharan Africa, focused on countries with the biggest potential of manufacturing development and in which there are more opportunities for machine tool producers.

    The conference will be held on April the 6th 2017, between 2.30 pm – 5 pm at the Ucimu premises.

    Ucimu-Sistemi per Produrre is the association of Italian machine tool, robots and automation system producers. Official representative of the category, Ucimu- Sistemi per Produrre  counts more than 200 companies associated representing 70% of Made in Italy in this sector.

  • 5 december 2016

    UIA: international congress

    In attach full speech of Mr. Marazzi in occasion of UIA (Union International des Avocats), Budapest, regarding Biotechnology Law with title "Hacking Pacemakers and Beyond: Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare"

    Mr. Marazzi was invited as an expert of Cyber Security and Health, with particular attention at Data Fiction and Privacy.

    The relation has had the objective to analyze: 

    • New technological developments in the field of healthcare pose a potential threat to privacy rights of consumers and patients and require healthcare providers to implement a number of measures for the adequate protection of sensitive information.
    • Provision of cross-border services, including healthcare-related services, already represents an integral part of global trade numbers and therefore mandates the importance of implementing further and more detailed measures for data protection at international level.
    • Vulnerability to Data theft and privacy violation are themes of concern for the consumers and supranational institution such as the European Union, which approved a directive on personal data protection, constituting the basis  for the recently approved the Eu Us Privacy Shield as well as a topic considered in international treaties.
    • The recently adopted text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides an opportunity for evaluating the status of current global regulation and possible future developments. Indeed, the inclusion of a dedicated chapter (Chapter XIV) purposefully aimed at regulating electronic commerce – including, for the present purpose, consumer protection and privacy - signals the importance of this topic in the context of supranational agreements.
    • Furthermore, given the absence of specific provisions in the context of multilateral trade agreements (most relevantly the WTO agreements) dealing with health-related privacy issues, and in consideration of the secretive nature of the currently ongoing negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the importance of identifying possible regulatory scenarios for data protection cannot be underestimated. 

    For more informations: 

    For integral text :

    Mr. Marazzi speech

  • 5 july 2016

    Oil&Gas: New perspectives, intellectual property protection and commercial opportunities

    We are pleased to inform you that Marazzi&Advisors, in partnership with AIPE (Italian Association Pressure Equipment), is organizing an information day dedicated to the Oil & Gas with a focus on international markets.

    Thursday, July 14, 2016, hours 09:30 to 13:00

    NH Hotel, Via Portico 75, Orio al Serio (BG)


    the Agenda:

    • 9.30: Presentation Marazzi&Advisors: global expert business and law

    • Overview World Oil & Gas

    • countries focus and new markets: Russia, Iran, Brazil, and new opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

    • 10.45: Coffee break

    • IPR protection: patents, licenses and intellectual property protection in the digital world

    • Business opportunities and subsidised financing (Finservice)

    • 12:30: Q&A session



    The event is open and free to all and subject to availability.

    For information:

  • 17 may 2016

    Marazzi&Advisors for IFB2016

    It’s our pleasure to signal the event International Festival for Business to be held in Liverpool from June 13 to July 1 in 2016 (IFB2016), website:

    IFB2016 will be a world class event of the English business market, that this year will be attended by over 30.000 delegates from the UK and 100 countries worldwide.

    It is a unique opportunity, strongly supported by the central government, which sees in the Liverpool and Manchester area a context of strong economic growth in the coming years in all areas.

    It will be the opportunity to meet a lively market, to develop networks and deals as well as discuss the way they to do business, innovate and change in a very dynamic environment.

    Registration to attend IFB2016 is completely free.

    Marazzi & Advisors will be present on site, during the third week of the event dedicated to Digital and Creativity, to support partner and facilitate their participation, also through the organization of one to one meetings.

    If you are interested, we kindly ask you to contact us in order to support you for the registration and be able to provide you the best possible conditions for participation.

    For registration and more details please contact Ilaria Cervini ( or +39 335 8265694)

    The Marazzi & Advisors team

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