Internationalisation, a Synergistic Process

Operating in international markets in a conscious way – the only way to success – means taking into account the legal, fiscal, financial, logistical and contractual aspects, knowing how to manage critical risk factors, knowing how to set up a winning business strategy and knowing how to maintain it over time, modifying it to fit any possible circumstances or unforeseen opportunities.

The internationalisation of a company is a synergistic process that requires specialised support from a partner who can guarantee:

> Specific expertise in the mechanisms of international trade; 

> First-hand knowledge of the target Country market, including variables such as the social, political and cultural context; 

> A proven system of partnerships at institutional and managerial level, in order to align the strategy with the local economic context.

Marazzi&Associati is a top operator in the field of internationalisation, supporting its customers in the delicate process of penetrating foreign markets, starting from the analysis phase and the definition of the business strategy through to its implementation.

The internationalisation services that Marazzi&Associati offers can be grouped into the following areas:

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